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Is your data working hard enough for you?

"Data" in the sense of the operational information relating to your business or organisation. There is probably more of this than you realise!

Data management means:
• Where is this information kept?
• How is the information put there?
• How do you find the information you need?
• What use is made of the information?

Effective data management means:
• Time savings
• Error reduction
• Productivity increase
• Better informed decision-making
• Greater profitability
• … and much more

You probably have more options than you realise.

Can We Help You?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to all of these questions, may we suggest… contact us for a free, no-obligation chat with Steve.

Here's what you could expect:

The purpose of our initial discussion would be to review and assess your data management needs and challenges.

If the type of apps that we build, or the technology we use, would not be suitable to your needs, we will tell you.

If there is a good "off the shelf" software solution available, which could meet your needs, we will tell you.

If we consider that we could help you to use or manage your business data to greater advantage, we will tell you.

Many people can't imagine the benefits of an efficient data management system, crafted to work with the special requirements of their business or organisation, until someone shows them what could be possible.
It costs you nothing to have a look!

About Us

Data Management Solutions Ltd is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.
All database application design and development work is managed by Executive Director Steve Schapel, with the help of some talented assistants.

Steve's original academic and career background is in the social sciences. He gradually moved into the computer arena after building his first database system in 1988, and discovering an interest and talent in this type of work. He enjoys teaching, and has conducted many courses in computer-related subjects.

He has now been working full-time as a freelance developer for over 20 years, focusing on custom database applications for small businesses and organisations.

He is known for his relateable and supportive style, plain English communication, and software solutions that are elegant and effective.

With a special emphasis in sports administration, he is the developer of the highly acclaimed SportsRunner competition management system, now in its 26th year of providing assistance to organisations that run team sport competitions. This has now become the company’s flagship product.


Over many years, we have helped provide effective data management solutions across a diverse range of sectors, including:

• Sports competition management
• Voluntary organisation membership
• National organisation volunteer management
• Community Education courses
• General auctioneer
• Inbound tour operator
• Professional appointments
• Trailer hire

• School – student and family records
• Factory – production and orders
• Bus company vehicle tracking
• Plumber – quote, invoice, and job management
• Hospital – staff training
• Trade Expo visitors
• Printer – sales and orders
• Company shareholders register

You’re the expert on your organisation’s special processes and requirements. We understand sound data management principles. It's called teamwork.

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