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Flagship product:

Matrices - data management for community education in New Zealand

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Featured Clients:

Australia & New Zealand Nature Tours

College Sport Wellington

Dunbar Sloane Limited

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Other Projects:

Te Ra School
An independent kindergarten and school, whose customised database is used to maintain all family and student information, class and enrolment details, pledges, donations, and fee payments, and provides a simple and user-friendly interface for the printing of receipts, financial statements, class lists, school directory, and reports to meet statutory requirements as well as management statistical information.

New Zealand Sponsorship Agency
An organisation providing independent and expert sponsorship services.  Assisting this innovative company to be the central source of sponsorship information in New Zealand, Steve Schapel was commissioned to build an effective database to manage this key information.  The core concept of the project was simple... user-friendly entry of validated data, and effective retrieval of selected information when required.  However, the categorisation of sponsorship property information is multi-factored.  Therefore, the time and error savings provided by a good database are significant.

Workplace Support Central
As one of the services they offer their clients, Workplace Support conduct Staff Climate Surveys. This is managed by Lesley Shaw, and in this case, Lesley has built her own database for the entry of survey responses, and reporting on them. Steve Schapel was closely involved in the design stages, and since then (4 years) has served as a coach and consultant, assisting on many occasions with some of the trickier aspects such as summarising the data and producing graphs.

Hutt Valley District Health Board
Hutt Hospital is one of New Zealand's major public hospitals.  A database has hugely simplified the task of managing records of staff attendance at training events, study leave, and funding details, and provides management with valuable staff training summary reports.

National Bank of New Zealand
One of New Zealand's leading banking institutions, Steve Schapel built a customised database for them to manage the bank's purchase of goods and equipment. Generation of purchase orders, asset registration, budget tracking, and much more.

Wellington Rugby Football Union
This major player in New Zealand sport, took the basic 'draws and scores' data system as developed for College Sport Wellington, and commissioned a large number of additional functions, for example management of referee appointments, and event cancellations.  We have also built and supported 2 other databases for WRFU.  One is for the purpose of managing reported player offences and disciplinary proceedings.  The other is for entries in a public results-prediction competition, with automatic calculation of scoring, random selection of 'spot prize' winners, and much more.

College Sport Auckland
School sports administration body in New Zealand's largest city, College Sport Auckland took the lead from their Wellington counterpart, and then contracted the development of additional functionality. Most notable is the provision of "satellite" databases to outside administrators of specific sports, and the importing of data from these into the central office's main system, and inclusion of this data in their website.

Cricket Wellington
Yet another major sports organisation to use our playing schedule and scoring system, developed into a specialised application for the sport of cricket.  This has subsequently been adopted also by Auckland Cricket and Canterbury Cricket, which means that our system is now responsible for the management of the draws and results for the three biggest club cricket organisations in New Zealand.

Disabled Persons Assembly
A simple organisational membership database has been a core administrative and management tool of DPA for several years.  Mail merging, mailing labels, automatically generates code numbers for AGM voting papers, and a surprisingly large number of pre-designed membership lists, and statistical and summary reports.

The Association of Superannuation Funds of New Zealand is a voluntary association of providers of employment-related superannuation schemes.  They have commissioned Data Management Solutions to build a custom database for the management of their membership records, which includes a multi-tiered membership structure.  The database includes the facility to output data for selected members or categories to a variety of formats, and also to define and send emails to selected recipients.

NZ Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations
This was Steve Schapel's first contracted database project (1994), and it is still in use today, having been converted through 3 different versions of Access.  Membership details, subscriptions, invoicing, mailing labels, lists and summary reports.

Motor Neurone Disease Association
Another simple organisational membership database, in the voluntary sector.  In this case, there was an existing database which we modified and added functionality to.

NZ Society of Podiatrists
A professional association is using one of our customised databases to maintain members' details, merge financial and contact data into printed invoices, record and track association finances, and produce a range of data listings, and financial and statistical reports.

Strategic Sports
This database contains a large categorised listing of sports organisations, and companies interested in sports and sport sponsorship.  It is used primarily as a data source for printing mailing labels, and merging to mailouts for various purposes, including the management of the prestigious New Zealand Post Sports Sponsorship Awards.  As always, an emphasis of the database's purpose is accuracy, and saving time and effort.



Listed here are some of our satisfied clients, along with brief summaries of some of the functionality and features of the data management solutions we have assisted them with.

The projects of the "features clients" are discussed in more detail - just follow the 'Details' links to an individual page for each.

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For sports databases where draws and results are exported to the organisation's website, the programming of the website scripts responsible for the processing of data onto the website, has been sub-contracted. For this work we use Jose Negron of Compiled Solutions.


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